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300+ MEMBERS & 400+ WATCHERS!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of my community and who stick around through all my inactiveness and lateness. Take now, for example. According to Marvy's profile, I was suppose to have a batch out last week....................obviously....................I lied.

As a thank you for your support...I'm...MAKING BANNERS! Yes, making them is my new obsession. They'll probably be 600x400 pixels (or the other way around). Any subject is cool with me MINUS T.V. SHOWS and MANGA!!! I'm terrible with t.v. caps to the point where it pisses me off and I can't color manga to save my life, so yeah...anything else is good. All I really need to know is the fandom (you can also leave me the name of a character/person/whatever you'd prefer I work with). Leave me pictures or not, choice is yours. Fill out the form below, or not. Do whatever your heart desires. Mwaha.

Yes, you're right. I don't know how to draw. Kadaj would be ashamed...and I'm about 10x hotter than how I drew myself. Just efff why iiiii.
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