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extraordinarily pleasing graphics
Welcome to the graphics community of rik45! Here, you can find graphics ranging from icons to banners! I believe everyone deserves a chance to create the graphical creation of their choice, which is why tutorials are also available and can be requested on. Yet not everyone has a graphic program, so I keep requests open for everyone! Everybody likes a variety, so why not suggest a topic out of the ordinary of what I normally graphify and see an entry devoted solely to it: your favorite band, movie, person, whateva your fandom may be...


The rules of my graphics are simple, and not out of the ordinary of other graphic makers. So please, follow them!

Credit rik45 and/or marvelicious when using my graphics.
Comment if you like what you see and especially if taking anything!
No hotlinking.
(please and thank ya!)
Never take credit for any of my work.
(the best rule of them all)
Join/Watch for updates!

.The up and coming...

UP NEXT: Final Fantasy XV ICONS (by end of June)

LATER: Probably some video game icons... yup...

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