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Marvelicious is now available on Tumblr!

marvelicious and all its glory is now available on Tumblr. I'm not moving my graphics over there, I'm simply cross-posting. While I won't actually display my icons on that site, my larger graphics will be posted for all your viewing pleasure along with notices for when this community is updated. Please click the annoyingly too-large and distracting link below to get to marvelicious's Tumblr and follow it if you just can't get enough of me.


Yes. "marvelicious-lj"...because some son of a female dog already took "marvelicious." Hunt him/her down, my members...show no mercy.


An icon batch was suppose to be posted today, but I'm afraid I'm not quite finished with it yet. I'm the idiot who decided it was a smart idea to try to get icons to you guys during the end of the semester near finals. So I've been a little busy with studying. I just need a couple of more days to get these icons made. Lookout for a new post this Monday WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY!!!
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